Joao Carlos


I spend most of my time working on the amazing products we're building at TenFarms but I do try to open source whatever I can from those.



Adtile is mobile advertising like never before. It's native on multiple mobile operating systems, and it's responsive on the web. It puts developers in charge by letting them customize both the UI and UX with minimal effort for an immersive and beautiful integration. Learn more »


Photopoll is the world's first multi photo polling application for the iPhone. Users can ask questions and tell stories based on photos they take, upload, search and tweak. It's instant feedback and discussion in a beautiful app. Learn more »

Open Source


Snowfinch is a realtime web analytics application that I created for my bachelor's thesis. It's not actively developed, but it is a good reference on how to implement many things when it comes to realtime analytics. It uses Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and Redis. Github »


outsider.js is a tiny library for jQuery that lets you execute a function whenever a click comes from outside a given element. Github »

My dotfiles

A big part of my dotfiles. Maybe you want to see what I use. Maybe you don't care. In either case, they're online. Github »