Joao Carlos

About me

I'm a 20 something year old iOS and Ruby developer from Portugal living in Helsinki, Finland with my beautiful wife.

I've shipped a lot of code in the form of web apps and more recently iPhone apps. A little bit of what I've done is available online on my Github profile, but not nearly as much as I would like. I plan on changing that within the year. I'm not gonna tell you when I made that promise so that you can't know that I've lied. Unless you read this a year ago already. In that case, well, you know, hmm, I've been like busy and stuff.

I also do a lot more than just coding, just not very well. I try to do music but I'm much better at listening to it. I love great coffee but I'm too lazy to use my aeropress or check out what's the hip and trendy of brewing that month. I do grind my beans, but that's only because the grinder is electric. I also try to buy pretty good coffee from small local roasteries so I get out of the apartment once in a while.

I work for TenFarms, Inc. a Southern California based company that builds some really neat stuff. I'm the CTO over there and pretty much code all day. Mostly iOS right now, which I have to say is a lot of fun. You can check out Photopoll on the App Store, a sweet iPhone app that lets you ask for opinions and tell stories with photos. I built that. Feels good to say it. Oh yeah, and we're also revolutionizing mobile advertisement with Adtile.

Previously I worked at Kisko Labs, where I did a whole lot of web stuff with Ruby and Rails. I had a great time there but I wanted to focus on doing something else than client work, and help shape something in my own way.

If you wanna get in touch for whatever reason it may be, you should probably tweet at me or send an email.